I am the founder of OLT & Associates. My background is with the Internal Revenue Service where the foundation of accounting and the federal tax law was laid. While I was working as an Agent for the IRS I was in the Collection Department. Which intelled me SEIZING & SELLING PERSONAL AND BUSINESS PROPERTY to pay off TAX LIABILITIES!!!! Well after 18 years of taking things away from hard working people I decided to sit on the other side of the table and Represent Client's before the IRS which is called a POWER OF ATTORNEY. I have over 200 clients nationwide and a few international clients as well. I prepare personal, corporate and partnership returns but my Specialty is RESOLVING TAX ISSUES! The name "007" and the TAX GODDESS were given to me by two of my Clients. "007" originated from me being a FEDERAL AGENT; Tax Goddess was originated because I make MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!! I hold a BA and MBA in Accounting and Business Management. I take pride in everything I do including but not limited too providing quality customer service to all of our clients. My corporation was born in the great city of Chicago, IL. currently reside in Dallas, TX. I appreciate all of my loyal clients that have traveled from state to state with me! I would like to thank all of my current and future clients for allowing OLT & Associates be their preparer of choice!

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